Stallion Manager

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John Freeman provides a complete stallion syndication and marketing service. The Freeman Stallion portfolio includes South Africa’s most successful stallions. Criteria for the selection of new additions to the portfolio are rigorously applied to ensure that the Freeman Stallion portfolio’s high strike rate of success is ensured.

We have added globally respected research tools in G1 Goldmine and TrueNicks to assist breeders in their mating choices. We also produce our own annual Stallion Book which showcases the stallions in our portfolio.

The words “Gr1 Winner” and “Champion” reflect the highest values in our industry.  These highly prized titles are considerately conferred upon a select few horses for specific, well known reason and is a thread that runs solidly through the sires we represent.  Phenotype and Genotype play a vital role, yet often dictated by fashion. Gr1 winners are rare, Champions rarer still. We don’t confer these titles on our sires ourselves; this is done by the world’s best rating systems. Our aim is always to get better.

Good mares provide a strong backbone, a good stallion can upgrade even the weakest mare. By ensuring that we represent the best possible stock we stack the odds of striking gold in your favour. Remaining focused on these simple values has served us well.
We are truly humbled by the support we have received from the people who have entrusted our team with the management of these magnificent stallions. Our sincere thanks to those who, in the past, have made the current champion sires what they are and who pave the way for our future champion sires.

The portfolio advertises “Present and Future Champion Sires”

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